An Intervention for Jay Electronica: Is It Badu’s Fault?

jay_badu.jpg We’re serious about music here at Parlour, so this afternoon we’re begging for an intervention for underground hip-hop newbie and Erykah Badu’s new booty (boyfriend), Jay Electronica.

As I whined about briefly in Afternoon Tea, I went to Jay Electronica + Mos Def’s sold out show at NYC’s Nokia Theater last night. I was so focused on seeing Jay that I took a CAB FROM BROOKLYN and thankfully only missed two songs in his set. But as I stood there, I realized that I’d already missed his most popular song, a remix of the theme song from Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Who the hell plays their most popular song second in their set? That was his first mistake.

Then this dude starts telling all kinds of stories. Now I realized Mr. Electronica was a talkaholic from his outburst during his boo, Erykah’s, listening session one month ago (he effectively told the chatty listening session audience to shut the hell up without cursing them out. Amazing.), but damn. At the show, this fool was DETERMINED to tell us stories from his childhood in the ‘Nolia (aka New Orlean’s Magnolia Projects).
Telling the audience that his sister made him tell this story about some dude named Dirty Joe, Jay essentially got boo’d into rapping. Smh … then Erykah came onto the stage and the crowd went wild while she song some song I’d never heard. Then when Jay lost the crowd again with personal anecdotes, he screamed “Do you wanna see Mos Def?” like Mos was coming onto the stage. But Mos is notoriously late to all of his shows and he wasn’t popping up because I bet diamonds to apples, that man Mos wasn’t even in the building yet. Smh. Also, for a rapper to name drop on stage like that is the equivalent of a lazy club DJ playing that damn “Mixtrack! You gotta $50 bill put your hands up!” Fatman Scoop record. Boo hiss.

Ultimately, I wanted to tell Jay, “Yo, rap mu’fucka! That’s what I came to see. I don’t care about Dirty Joe or you discussing your boo’s gratuitous bottom (apparently Jay said “I guess you wanna hear me talk about Erykah’s ass!” and she poked her booty out from backstage. SMH …).”

Someone take Jay aside and tell him that performing is no joke. Concert’s are serious business. Especially these days, when artists only make a little money from their record label contracts and, in most cases, the bulk of their dough comes from shows.

One argument that kept popping up last night was that Erykah’s destruction of the Black Male, artist by artist including Andre 3000 and Common is the reason Jay sucked. But, I don’t buy it.

When I interviewed Erykah a few months ago, you KNOW I had to ask her about her magic. Spread the love homegirl, kick the truth. Aside from saying she just gives her men the freedom to be themselves, Erykah said:

“I learned just as much from them as they learned from me. I’m a cold mu’fucka though. But the people I’m with are cold too, they’re a reflection of that. Become a cold m’fucka and the mu’fuckas will just come like magnets.”

Hm … thoughts ladies?

Some Jay Elec shots:

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