MUSIC: Blame It On Taio

taoi2.jpgLast summer, Rhianna’s hit “Umbrella” was just about everywhere, and for me, watching a trashed crew of Staten Island girls belt it out in front of a bar was solid confirmation. But Rhianna’s success almost didn’t happen.
Taio Cruz, who is currently blowing up on the R&B charts in UK, had first-dibs on the song and recorded it, but his label didn’t believe in the single. I’m pretty convinced whoever made that decision is looking for a job, right now.

In talking to The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick, Cruz basically sums up today’s urban-pop music formula in one sentence:

“In any industry there are formulas to work with. I don’t always look for the greatest lyrical content, just get to the point, express the feeling in a way the audience can understand.

The melody is like the good looks of the person and the lyrics are the personality. The first time you hear it you get the melody and you’re not really listening to what they are saying.”

I say, he’s going to fit right in if and when he crosses the pond.

Taio Cruz: the public school soul sensation [Telegraph]

Check out his video for his hit, “Come On Girl”:


What do you think? Also, doesn’t he look like Ne-Yo’s cousin?

– jbaker

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