New Estelle + Gym Class Heroes’ Travis bits … You’re Welcome!

17315897-17315900-slarge.jpgSo…I was poking around and found this. I’ve liked Estelle for awhile and hope her attempt to conquer America works. What do you think? (Hey D. I love her, but will someone tell her to stop wearing that dress with the star, thanks. -JBaker)
Listen here: Estelle x Swizz Beatz = Shine.
Plus, were you one of those who believed that Gym Class Heroes lead singer, Travis, was too cute to be a druggie? Keep readin’…
travie.jpgGYM CLASS ADDICTS: I was just listening to Travis on Hot 97 radio station, and this dude was discussing his serious addiction to coke. WOW. I love “Viva La White Girl” as much as the next, but to release an ode to your drug addiction is the equivalent of Lil Wayne constantly dragging around those styrofoam cups. Seems Travie’s just gotten out of rehab, a treatment where you’re unconscious for the first few days of withdrawl so you have an easier time staying drug free. Here are a few bits from the interview:

Re: going to rehab…
“I thought ‘is my writing going to suffer? Are my friends going to think I’m corny?’ But since I got out of the hospital, I write the clearest material. Everything is better…You’re not much fun if you’re drooling on your self.”

Re: whether the ladies still love him sober…

“We’ll see. I’ve been doing good since the second grade!”


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