Supremely Bad.


Supreme, the skate/lifestyle brand that would probably collaborate with a line of blenders, is releasing new shirts featuring the 1975 cult-classic, Coonskin aka Streetfight, written and directed by Ralph Bakshi (Cool World, Fritz The Cat, Fire and Ice). For some reason I suspect that Supreme’s appreciation for this movie lies in the fact that one of the characters had big tits and Barry White was in it.

I’m waiting to see what will happen when the hipsters that cop this shirt actually watch the movie (you know, to get the “story”) and realize that America is portrayed as a busty girl with a mean STD. But this is streetwear, which is currently devoid of any originality…

This kinda reminds me of a guy I once worked with, who I am convinced, was always a pimp for Halloween just so he can use “yo”, “baby” and “holla” in a sentence.

I’m giving this tee a mean side-eye.

– jbaker



[ Cartoon Brew via Racialicious ]

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