‘The L Word’ Season Five Finale: Was It Bad for You Too?

Ok, I know I’m the only one still watching “The L Word” after that horrible fourth season. What can I say? I have to know how things end, even if they’re a well-dressed, fabulously coiffed train wreck. That said, I just finished watching the fifth season’s finale and here are a few of my thoughts:

– Why’s Jodi even still talking to Bette after she figured out that she cheated on her with Tina?

– In Jodi’s “Core” exhibit, the piece shows film of Bette along with pieces of Bette’s own voice but when was Jodi taping her? Did I miss that over the last few episodes?

– Alice cheating on Tasha with that random Australian girl? While Alice and Tasha’s characters are completely different, Alice being liberal and Tasha not buying into the liberalism she’s expected to support by virtue of her sexuality, I just don’t see their relationship being so bad that Alice would cheat. Just wasn’t believable.

– Where the hell is Papi? You know, the one of two Mexican characters the show, that’s based in Los Angeles, introduced last season while playing up the “hot latin mami” stereotype before unceremoniously dismissing her without any explanation. Tisk, tisk “L Word” writers. While you’re not nearly as bad as the “Queer As Folk” team, who had zero ethnic leads on their show, it’s important to balance your cast. Just because Bette and Tasha are central characters and black doesn’t mean you’re off of the hook.

– Helena coming back to save Kit’s day like that and buying back The Planet and SheBar? Too easy “L Word” writers, give us something to work with here. Not to mention, does Mrs. Peabody die or what? We don’t even find out!?!? Smh…

– Shane’s sinking into Nikki’s crotch was a little bit of a stretch. While Shane’s character was never a one woman, er, woman, she was far from a back-stabbing friend. How is Shane going to walk off of the Lez Girls set in support of Jenny one week and then sex up her girlfriend the next? Again, smh…

– Adele, Adele, Adele. As my girl said, the script just didn’t give us enough detail as to why Adele was such a conniving, plotting nutcase. And then Jenny didn’t even kick her ass after she told the entire wrap party’s attendees that Adele stole the movie from her. Again, doesn’t make sense.

– Jenny’s character has sucked since her return from Illinois and now we’re supposed to feel sorry for her because she lost control of the movie she was torturing everyone with? Hmm…nope. I still hate Jenny, lol.

– The insulting Lez Girls lesbian-goes-back-to-her-boyfriend ending. With this one, I understand the point “The L Word” writers were trying to make. Hollywood is the man and the man will stomp out the creativity and subversive message of any honest gay film. This was possibly the most believable part of the entire finale.

Ultimately, I was disappointed again by “The L Word.” The show’s storyline didn’t make me want to watch its progression, aside from checking out Jenny’s MEAN dress selection. I really hope the writers can get it together next season and stop being so preachy. While I realize the show’s existence is a huge deal for the “realistic” depiction of gays on television, notably a non-male fantasy-skewed portrayal of lesbians, I still want to feel like I’m watching TV and not being pounded in the head. Till 2009 …


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