Rewind to 1986. When I was a little girl, nothing was better than watching my mom and her girlfriends get ready to go out. Their hype music was always the all-female band, Klymaxx and they would lip synch in front of the mirror: mommy sang lead, Aunt J did the backup and standard bump-n-grind dance moves, and I did the monologue, originally performed with the fierceness by band drummer and founder, Bernadette Cooper. With ALL the drama that only a 8-year old could give, I mouthed the words “I hate to come down to the level of becoming a BW, a basic woman – but if they don’t stop, it’s going to get scandalous.” Yeah, I started young.

Their two of many hits, “Men All Pause” and “Meeting in The Ladies Room” are still on heavy rotation in the crib. Enjoy!

– jbaker

Meeting In The Ladies Room


The Men All Pause

Klymaxx: Wikipedia


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