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Worth The Weight?


Earlier today, with our Morning Coffee – we mentioned an article in today’s New York Times about Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the designers behind the uber-fabulous line Rodarte. It seems that last fall, they received a call from a Vogue editor that suggested that they shed some weight and see a trainer – funded by the magazine in exchange for the sisters keeping a journal of their experience, which is running in the current April 2008 Shape issue (with the controversial “King King” cover).

Of course this caused quite a stir among readers and bloggers alike, but should we be surprised? Vogue has a history of keeping track of it’s staff’s weight and even Oprah admitted that she had to drop 20lbs before appearing on the cover back in 1998 (which was GORGEOUS). Let’s be honest, Anna doesn’t do full-size.

Kate and Laura weren’t morbidly obese – they were curvy, full-figured and normal looking women. They look great now, they and they looked great before the weight-loss too. Cheers to them!

Appearing, in any fashion, in the pages of Vogue is a major coup for any designer. So was this the sacrifice that they made to receive press? It could be looked at as a win-win situation: a free trainer and regimen, press for your line, and a slimmer figure, of to mention a host of press mentions.

All of this got me to thinking, who would I lose weight for, other than myself??? I just recently shed about 6lbs due to a mean case of food-poisining, but really – who would I sweat my ass off at the gym for? I really couldn’t think of anyone, so does that make me lazy, or self-assured? Would the cover of Vogue make me stop eating bagels w/ tofu cream cheese? I’m still thinking…


(Maybe if Duro Olowu rang me to walk his runway, I would be willing to drop a good 10lbs–did you see the Spring 2008 collection?)


I’m curious, ParlourMaids (and Men) Who would YOU lost weight on a whim for?

– jbaker


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