Afternoon Tea 4.10.08


Sorry the Tea’s late ladies, but I hope this HIL-arious myspace pic of R.Kelly makes up for it – dsteel (he’s goldilocks!!!-jbaker)

Mugabe must meet with his rival, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, at the Zimbabwe emergency election summit. This is some OK Corral shit right here. [BBC]

More big non-music companies (Live Nation signing Jay-Z, Madonna and U2…) are throwing millions at “urban audiences.” Jermaine Dupri catches the check this time. [Billboard]

dsteel loves BLU, he’s just such a lil’ cutie. That is all. [nahright]

Cancellations hit over 2,500 flights at American Airlines, smh. [AP]

Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz are engaged. I dont know why this digusts me, but it does. [MTV]

Interesting piece on Dr. Ramon Torres, a leader in the fight against AIDS. [NYMag]

Shocker: polygamists also have a taste for younger women. [BBC]

DMX is causing riots in Indiana [SOHH]

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