Afternoon Tea 4.1.08


^ Nicolas Righetti for The New York Times
dsteel: “What kind of fur coat is that Bakes?” j.baker: “Pussy baby, it’s pussy”…They’re stealing cats in Switzerland and making coats, watch your back. lol. I’m sorry, that was terrible. [NYT]

So Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is “negotiating” his departure from his position. I thought when people got voted off the island, or in this case their leadership role, they just went home. Guess that’s not how it rolls when you’re a tyrant. [BBC]

Jamaica, an island where the death toll was 1,500 in 2007 alone, is leaving their poor vulnerable to violent gangs. [BBC]

A UK columnist is comparing Barack Obama to Nelson Mandela. Does this mean our skinny senator is going to jail? [Guardian]

I love my Fuji apples as much as th next chic, but my snack doesn’t need it’s own purse. [Fashionista]

Yeah, that kitty calendar you’ve got hanging in your cubicle can get you fired at Prada. [NYMag]

Mars Volta, the two dudes with bigger collective ‘fro’s than dsteel , had a kick ass concert in Glasgow recently. Yes. We like them. [NME]

Throwback O’Shea Jackson, aka Ice Cube, interview from 1989 on MTV WITH VIDEO!!! The jheri curl is is full effect. [MTV]

Hillary Clinton x That damn Bosnia story = chicken little? [Slate]

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