Afternoon Tea 4.11.08

The teens that were caught on tape brutally beating 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay (and then planned to post the footage on YouTube & Myspace) are being tried as adults. Whatever happened to just putting your foe on blast for something embarrassing, or trying to steal their boyfriend? And whose BRIGHT idea was to put it all on the internet? And why do these kids look so damm evil? And will the media remember to bring this up the next time they talk about minority teens and violence? Of course Nancy Grace won’t stop talking about it for the next 2 weeks. {CNN via Guanabee}

The 6th Anniversary of our favorite Venezuelan, Hugo Chavez, will be happily marked by lovely global protests. I can just see him getting ready in the morning, singing “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” in the shower. {Guanabee}

I was too busy to notice that most of the gossip weeklies neglected to give much attention to the Jayonce nuptials. Depending on who you ask, it’s racism or lack of photos. We say props to the couple for keeping it private and not a circus. {Jossip}

Don’t think climate change is a problem? Barcelona now has to import WATER because it’s too dry. {Independent}

People who share the same name are starting to find each other and build relationships and networks on the web. I wonder if this is true for those with names like Avante’, Cristal-Brianna, Jakwil and Alexus-Monae (all real names). I’m so sorry, but I just had to go there. {NYT}

From the looks of it, Dick Cheney was having some good ole’ naked American fun on a recent fly-fishing trip. It’s better than shooting people. {DListed}

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