Afternoon Tea 4.14.08

^^Alicia Keys or Barack Obama- who’s talking crazier? Jay Smooth lays it down up top. [xxl]

Here’s said Alicia Keys comments on gangsta rap, the shady US government and gats around her neck. [eflux]

The sky’s falling in Beijing. Not really, but you get the joke. [BBC]

Looks like it’s a wrap for Katie Couric on the American TV Station CBS’ Evening News. Is it me, or does the media’s coverage of this remind you of haters tearing down the most popular girl in high school? [nymag]

Remember when I told you that Kenyans are fleeing their country? Well, this is why. [BBC]

OK wait, Hillary Clinton says former Presidential nominees John Kerry and Al Gore lost because they were elitist? When was the last time you saw Hills in the ‘hood? She hasn’t even played the saxophone for us (we see you Bill…)! Boo. [huffpo]

Word on the street: Ms. Jennifer Hudson will be releasing a new track called “Spotlight” in the next few weeks. The track is from her as-yet-untitled album, which is slated for September. In other news, Hudson, who plays Carrie’s assistant, Louise, in the upcoming Sex & The City film, has also contributed a soundtrack song called “All Dressed Up in Love.” The joint will play during the final credits and was written by MC Jack Splash and Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo. Plus my girl, Fergie (I don’t care what you say, that girl is fun pop music) recorded the theme song, “Labels & Love,” which opens the flick as director Micheal Patrick King told Entertainment Weekly. Plus, she’s recorded two more songs. Sex & The City hits theaters May 30 stateside. Hurray!


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