Afternoon Tea 4.15.08

Word on the Street: Fergie’s got a re-release of “The Dutchess” on the way with about four new songs. Hi- Five! lol…Oh yeah, and The Roots shot their third video from their forth-coming album, “Rising Down” yesterday at NYC’s Beauty Bar. The clip features Chrisette Michele, Wale and Consequence.

Why lawd! That fine black man, Gary Dourdan, on America’s TV show, “CSI,” is leaving the cast. Remember him from Janet Jackson’s “Again” in the 90s’? Damn if he wasn’t hot! [EW]

Did you know there was a food crisis? Well, its real out there. With all America’s excess food, why can’t we organize food to places that need it? They’ve been dealing with this hunger crisis for years and this article only makes me angry all over again. [Guardian]

Zimbabwe opposition leader Tsvangirai is setting stipulations to the pending run-off involving dictator (former?) President Mugabe. There’s rules and regulations to this. [BBC]

Maybe the planet really is lonely, especially since the Lonely Planet writers never leave their apartments. [times]

Ok, I’ve heard of posthumous rap CD’s but posthumous sex tapes? That’s crazy even for Marilyn Monroe. [LAT]

According to Barney’s Simon Doonan, there’s only three fashion types: socialite, existentialist, gypsy. Which one are you? [Fashionista]

Can you say higher gas prices? Russia can. [BBC]

Kobe Bryant + Spike Lee = new documentary. Hopefully it’s not on susty sexual faux pas in the midwest, ha! [sohh]

Giving you some J.Jackson 1990’s loving after the jump. You know you wanna watch it, lol.

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