Afternoon Tea 4.17.08


Last night, CNN’s Larry King spoke to a group of women from that polygamist fiasco in Texas. They even dress like Big Love. Wow. [CNN]

T-Pain is a cheating, outside-of-the-home-baby-maker. Amy Winehouse holds someone’s child. smh…[YBF]

UK PM Brown is hanging out in Washington, DC with Obama and Clinton. Don’t worry McCain was in there too. [Guardian]

While Zimbabwe’s on the brink of national disaster, Kenya swore in Odinga as their premier. [BBC]

I knew something was going down with R.Kelly’s new goldie locks look. Apparently, the R is releasing 12 Play: Fourth Quarter sometime this fall. [MTV]

I don’t think Obama lost the debate…I think he took the high road, while half the country thinks Clinton is a two-faced liar. This woman said that people don’t cling to religion when times get rough. Word? I know I read my Daily Bread this morning to get ready to face the day…what were YOU doing Hills? [NYMag]

Robin Thicke’s at it again with his new album Something Else on July 1. [Billboard]

Spoilers for next Monday’s Gossip Girl, aka the best show on TV. UK’ers, I’m sorry but when it finally comes to ITN, holler at it. [NYMag]

Word on the Street: Looks like rapper Saigon finally got off Atlantic Records, where he’s been languishing for what seems like 12 years. Look for him on Warner, which is really just the papa label to Atlantic, but hey, who’s keeping score right? Just don’t knock out any ailing, jail-bound MC’s this time Sai.

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