Afternoon Tea 4.18.08

Obama’s takes a page from Jay-Z’s book and brushes the dirt off his shoulders, after this week’s grueling debate. Who are you pulling for? [rezidue]

Japan’s foremost Buddhist Temple is boycotting the Olympic torch because of safety concerns and their support for Tibet. [BBC]

former President Mugabe (I know, but this is just TOO wild) is casting this election recount nonsense as a fight against colonialism. I’m sorry, but is the UK really trying to reconquer Zimbabwe? I thought the citizens could vote for their own leader but I guess not? [NYT]

F. Boogie Brown aka Foxy Brown is home from jail. Clutch your pearls, long black weaves and nail salon appointments. [TMZ]

Illinois gets earthquakes? [ChiTrib]

OK, rumor says Russian President Vladimir Putin has been creeping with a gymnast who’s now in Parliment but swears that he hasn’t divored his wife in secret nor set a new wedding date with the gymnast. Thoughts on the Russian version of All my Children? The bigger question is what politician walks around sharing their taste in women? Even Bush isn’t that stupid. [BBC]

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Oh yeah, Jay’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” is after the jump.

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