Afternoon Tea 4.18.08

It’s a lazy Wednesday and I’m fucking thrilled, or maybe it’s ’cause I actually got some sleep- Steely D aka dsteel

Zimbabwe police says mo’fos are trying to incite violence, but the doctors say they’ve had to treat 150+ people since that susty election. Who do you believe? [BBC]

UK rumors blame Eastern European immigrants for a rise in crime, but, surprise, it’s a not true. This crime-rumor-manufacturing happens everytime a new ethnic wave hits a new country, why does this stigma always follow whatever the new group moves in? So annoying and ignorant. Smh. [Guardian]

Tommy Hilfiger launched an online TV show in the UK. Why? [WWD]

Vitamins might kill you. [Guardian]

If those don’t, America’s Supreme Court endorsement of lethal injection definitely will. [NYT]

Word on the Street: In addition to NOT wearing a wedding ring, Beyonce’s recording her new album between all of “Heart of the City” pap photo ops. Word is she’ll be recording with producers, The Underdogs (Chris Brown, Dreamgirls), soon. Song-writer Bryan Michael-Cox (Mary J. Blige’s “Stay Down” & “Be Without You”) is also looking for his chance to record with the Houston beauty. dsteel thinks there’ll be some serious ballads cracking off with that line-up. Is that what ya’ll wanna hear from our girl?

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