Afternoon Tea 4.2.08


And WAVE!!! Bey may have finally gotten her wish since Jay-Z grabbed that marriage license. Think he’ll stop cheating now? [people]

One of dsteel’s baby daddies, (not jbakes. she’s NOT a fan, lol) Plies, is releasing a clothing line (umm, actually d-I LIKE him, just not as much as YOU! – jb). Even though I love him, don’t think I’ll wear his threads. [SG]

Usher traded wifey, Tameka Foster-Raymond, for songstress Kerri Hilson in his new video clip preview for “Love In This Club.” Word on the street is ‘Meka wasn’t feeling it. The joint is No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart this week and his album, “Here I Stand,” drops May 27. Watch the video clip: [SR]

Zimbabwe is worse than that Bush-Gore debacle when it comes to settling votes. While the results of the presidential election, involving current President Robert Mugabe, still aren’t public, Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party lost their majority in Parliment. [BBC]

Blogger Perez Hilton is boycotting Sony BMG and their artists because the company sued him. Thanks eskay. [wired]

Remember when mommy said to drink eight glasses of water per day? Well, it ain’t helping nothing. [BBC]

As a Cali girl, it is a very sad day. Long-time urban radio station 100.3 The Beat, which recently changed to V100, announced a switch to a talk radio format this week. Growing up, The Beat played all the DJ Quik, Dr. Dre and Snoop first. Remember the WBalls interludes on those early Death Row records? Yeah, all The Beat. Even though they sucked in the last, erm, decade (?), RIP. [marketwatch]

Word on the street (a bit where I, dsteel, will fill ya’ll in on random bits I hear here and there): Alicia Keys is shooting her new video for “Teenage Love Affair” later this week in New Jersey. The clip is directed by Chris Robinson and features a “School Daze” nod, with director Spike Lee’s blessing. Word says there’ll be a few cameos from the original cast members. We’re gassed and the scenes below are supposed to be re-created in the clip:

So’s this one.

and just because…

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