Afternoon Tea 4.22.08

America’s recruiting ex-cons for wartime troops. Is this better than working off the books or making license plates? [BBC]

Raheem Devaughn + R.Kelly = Customer Remix. Whatcha think? [youheardthatnew]

As the Hollywood goss says, my girl Lindsay Lohan has been creeping with DJ Mark Ronson’s sis Samantha since last year. Apparently, Linds had a cat fight with Ashley Olsen this weekend over her GF. “Get your 15-year-old ‘Full House’ a– away from my girlfriend,” reported a Page Six spy, who witnessed the scene. Juicy. [Eflux]

Kate Moss + Agent Provocateur = scarily thin. **scarfs sandwich** [fashionista]

How do we know who really won in Pennsylvania today? Hmm… [NYT]

OK, first Britney and now Miley Cyrus with the bra flashing pics? **clutches pearls** [AP]

And here are the outakes of the more classy version of Plies’ first single, here’s “Bust It Baby Pt. 2” after the jump. Thoughts ladies?

Oh yeah, I’m Steely D aka dsteel. Mail me at with any comments, questions or Andre 3000 pics, ya’ll know I’m going to marry that man.

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