Afternoon Tea 4.23.08

Everything must stop because Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay hits American theaters this Friday (April 25). YES! [USAToday]

Well, let’s see if the Zimbabwe Parlimentary election votes stick, eh? Meanwhile, the UK is calling for a Zimbabwe arms ban to stave off what many see as an impending war. [BBC]

And Americans thought eight years of Bush was bad…Maoists are taking over Nepal, ending a 240 year monarchy. [Guardian]

Madge, Madge, Madge. Is their really anything else to say about Madonna? Although she’s definitely pulling a Tom Cruise by appearing on BET’s 106 & Park on May 1. Do we have Timbaland to blame for this? [NYMag]

OK, is it break-up season? I know it’s spring, but man. Still, I’m not suprised that the Terry McMillan part two saga that is Star Jones and Al Reynolds have broken up. **Shrugs** [YBF]

-Steely D

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