Afternoon Tea 4.25.08

Your eating habits might determine if you give birth to a boy or a girl. Apparently high energy foods = boys. [NYT]

Foxy Brown cops a plea bargain and get community service in exchange for apologizing to that person she beat down with weave glue. **shrugs** [Billboard]

Sean Bell: The Latest. [NYT]

Iraqi insurgent groups are recruiting child bombers, there’s footage floating around of al-Queda training the children. [BBC]

Amy Winehouse is head-butting folks and getting arrested for it. smh…[Telegraph]

Everyone complains about the price of cigarettes, but in the UK it really is a C.O.N. spiracy. [Guardian]

I know it’s not funny, but a shark attacked a swimming coach in CA. After Jaws, things like this really still happen? [LAT]

T.I. looks pretty while announcing his new single is on the way. [Nahright]

WAIT! If I admittedly smoke crack, shoot heroin, fire up meth, generally look a mess and date Kate Moss, I get an exhibit in my honor in Paris’ Chappe Gallery? Man, Pete’s got the life. Smh… [d listed]

For the record, I’m still TIGHT about this Sean Bell verdict. Seriously, why are their no flames anywhere? NO, really? Email me your thoughts at – Steely D

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