Afternoon Tea 4.28.08

Aw man, US Weekly dug up old pics of Gossip Girl characters. Topless Nate ^^^is my fave. Er, ride ’em cowboy? [US]

Is it just me, or do you want Obama’s Rev. Wright to sit down somewhere? [NYT]

Remember the “Burn Book” from Mean Girls? Well, here’s the adult version. Does your boss fit the profile? [Dickipedia]

Preggers? Pass the corn, coffee, Irish Spring, callaloo and kimchee with mango jelly, all together please. Thanks. [BBC]

The Jamaican government wants to ramp up food production in the face of the global food crisis but farmers say officials need to stop the food theives first. Question: if you grow more food, folks’ll stop stealing it, no? Hm.. [Gleaner]

Between those evil looking kids that intended to beat that child on YouTube and these two catching life sentences for killing a goth girl in the UK, what the hey is going on out there? Is Joy Division really so wrong? [Guardian]

I stan for Jeezy, not “physically” or “emotionally,” but here’s his remix of Wayne’s “Lollipop” anyway. Don’t act like you dont wanna listen, lol. [XXL]

Zoe Cruz, a Latina woman gets fired and villified by Wall Street BUT she does get the cover of NY Mag…you be the judge. [Jezebel]

Recently divorced Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys skulking around?…I refuse to believe it.[YBF]

Sorry Tobago, Whitney thought ya’ll were Trinidad. Her Bad… [Bossip]

And just because I was watching the Soul documentary on VH1 Soul last night, here’s Whit’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” after the jump. Holla at me at with any comments questions or beefs. “you gotta, you gotta, you gotta…”

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