Afternoon Tea 4.29.08

^^ image via Teen Vogue

American discount store Forever 21 knocks off high end designer, Phillip Lim. Lim’s also got a line at GAP, it’s cute but pretty pricey for GAP. Which one would you wear? [Fashionista]

Race car driver Danica Patrick for…AirTran? (It’s called TRANICA! – Tranny Fierce!, lol – jbaker) Erm, girl power? Does this mean I wont hate my flight to ATL next time? [Airtran]

Jimi Hendrix’s sex tape? They had those in the ’60s? Consider the source though ladies… [Fox]

Anything I can find about Gossip Girl, I’m posting. [MTV]

Police freed 180+ Zimbabwe opposition prisoners and found two bodies of missing supporters. former President Mugabe says everyone’s blowing the violence out of proportion. Riiiiiiiight. [BBC]

The American IRS is launching a “Where’s my rebate?” website for those missing their dough. Nice. [KC]

Alicia Keys is already hatching her next LP. [Billboard]

Does your Grandpa need free Viagra? Tell him to move to Chile. [BBC]

Actress Scarlett Johansson’s new video, “Falling Down” after the jump. Yep, she’s singing. Thoughts? [M&C]

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