Afternoon Tea 4.30.08

Peace in the actual Middle East? I don’t believe it. And though it’s not totally related, this is why: “More than 400 people have been killed in fighting over the last month between Shia gunmen and US and Iraqi forces.” sigh… [BBC1] [BBC2]

This is a travesty. BBQ’s and picnics everywhere are crying, somone cue Poetic Justice. [ChiTrib]

A body protein, ITK, might be for responsible for the human immune system’s resistance to HIV meds. [BBC]

Portishead doesn’t want to talk to you, or me about their new album, Third. [NYMag]

I can’t. Apparently, Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai only won 47% of the election votes over Mugabe’s 43%. But they still need a recount because no one got 50%. Wtf? [Guardian]

Busta Rhymes has a new video, “Don’t Touch Me,” that reminds me of why I liked him in the first place. Finally. [NR]

Wanna know how much your credit card number is worth to a theif? scary. [Slate]

Equal confusion for Mariah Carey’s new film role in “Tennessee” and Lindsay Lohan’s new album. I actually heard that Ne-Yo’s writing on Linds’ joint. As for Mariah’s acting, did Nick Cannon have something to do with this? Thoughts, ladies? [BV] [Fox]

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