Afternoon Tea 4.3.08


N.E.R.D.’s video for “Everybody Nose” errupted into a bloddy scuffle. No, Pharrell’s pretty face wasn’t hurt and Lindsay Lohan’s cameo will still be included. But can I just say that Lindsay’s (Mean Girls 4 Life) cameo in a video about coke is NOT a good look? Thx. [MTV]

Happy (belated) April’s fools! Why? ‘Cause Bobby’s blaming Whitney for his coke/crack problem, and Bobby she only married him to fix up HER image. LMAO!  [NYP]

Naomi “Nae-Nae” Campbell’s at it again, this time Heathrow Airport security caught the beat down. Smh… [BBC]

They found something. Obama hates school boards. lol…[slate]

Americans can buy paternity tests at Rite Aid? Where was I when this was announced? [ATCN] 

Word on the Street: We get Usher’s new video “Love In This Club” next Monday…You think it looks like “Yeah” part 2? Watch both after the jump and tell me what you think…

The throwing back of the jacket and popping it was always my favorite.

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