Afternoon Tea 4.4.08


T.G.I.F’N.F ya’ll…dsteel

Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe. Looks like (former?) President Mugabe is punking people into supporting him. [VOA]

REWIND: Chris Rock cheated with a model in like 1998 (we’re pretty sure he was married then), she claimed she was preggers with his baby and tried to extort him financially, then he hired a private investigator to follow her. Somehow all of this is part of a wiretap trial. I, too, am confused. Also, am I the only one who thinks that any sex involving Chris Rock is unacceptable?**raises hand** [LAT]

Fashion designer, and the first love of safety pins and zippers everywhere, Vivienne Westwood is giving a talk at The London Design Museum for their lecture series called Design Icons on May 2. [Fashionista]

Something to be happy about, the homocide rate in LA is dropping. [LAT]

Remember when the French President was sending a medical unit to save that hostage, Ingrid Betancourt in Columbia? Well, a Colombian Farc rebel leader says he’s changed his mind. [BBC]

NEWS FLASH: Drinking causes memory damage! Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to work through my Tequila-haze today… [BBC]

Polls may suggest that Obama-rama (read: wide-spread support of Barack Obama) is on it’s way down. [NYT]

Watch one of my fave video blogs on “tolerance fatigue”  and Obama by Jay Smooth after the jump. We heart you Jay Jay.

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