Afternoon Tea 4.7.08

^^^ courtesy of the NY Post . I usually don’t post video here but this was just TOO funny. -dsteel

Do you still like Bill Clinton? Well, I think I’m on the fence. I mean he did fall asleep at the MLK event, right behind the dude preaching, lol.. [NYMag]

Princess Diana was officially killed unlawfully by the paparazzi. [Guardian]

Airplanes in the US are wack, but you knew that. Even my fave, Jetblue, has fallen from glory. [SFG]

And there’s more. A Zimbabwean High Court judge says he wants to see the election results from March 29. Mugabe = smh. [BBC]

Mad cow disease rears it’s ugly head again, this time it’s killed two people in Spain. [BBC]

Word on the street: So here’s the Usher clip I told you about last week. Hm, after seeing the whole thing, it REALLY looks like “Yeah” part 2, just without my fave dance part. Overall, Keri Hilson (the video’s principal model) makes me want to get a blow out. lol…Watch Usher’s “Love in this Club” clip after the jump. Tell me what you think…

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