Afternoon Tea 4.8.08


Spike Lee runs down the making of “Do The Right Thing.” [NYMag]

Common’s coming back this June with another album, Invincible Summer, ladies. **drool** [HHDX]

Tax tips fo’ life. [E]

The UK government tries to kick immigrants out, High court says they can stay. [Guardian]

US General David H. Petraeus doesn’t want to leave Iraq or adhere to a timetable supporting that end. [NYT]

Who’s fault is it when your family is a bunch of ignorant racist fools? [Racialicious]

Hillary Clinton’s Chief Strategist, Mark Penn, makes a run for it after canoodling with the Colombians on a trade treaty Senator Clinton oppossed. [NYT]

50 talks kicking his baby’s mother and son out, Ciara and Young Buck with AUDIO [Bossip]

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