Afternoon Tea 4.9.08


San Francisco is anxiously protesting AND supporting the Olympic torch run today. Whose side are you on? [SFGate]

Does your face betray whether you’re looking for that ol’ ball and chain? Hm…[BBC]

I hope you weren’t trying to visit anybody this week… [NYT]

As my girl would say, “Jesus keep me near the cross”: Zambia’s prez has been called in to sort out this (former?) prez Mugabe mess. I’m saying, it’s been like a month since Zimbabwe voted for someone who’s name isn’t Mugabe and we’re STILL tussling? [BBC]

It’s going down…the US Economy, that is.  [Guardian]

But to make you feel better, PURSES PURSES PURSES! I only like the Batik one…you? [Guardian]

Toni Braxton is fine, thank God. [AP]

50’s getting sued, maybe starring in a film,  Spectacular Regret, and kicking Young Buck out of G-Unit. And I thought I had alot going on… [NYD],

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