Currently Obsessing Over: Nike Urban Jungle

As much as I enjoy a good heeled boot, shoe or sandal, after a long night’s deadline or a strong night on the town, I need a good cushy pair of sneakers. Frankly, it takes too much energy to keep my balance on those tired days. Not to mention, every good Parlour girl needs a fresh pair of kicks for the Springtime, and the season is upon us.

Thankfully, I found these gems on Hypebeast, an awesome streetwear site that I’ve been frequenting for the last three years. Hypebeast is actually where I first heard Lupe Fiasco’s music…and I’ve been a dedicated follower since then. Anyway, while I dig the Nike Court Force High LE Urban Jungle Pack (pictured first) aesthetically, experience tells me that the Nike B Huarache LE Urban Jungle Pack (pictured second) will be a better hangover shoe.

What do you think ladies?


props to hypebeast.

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