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As I’ve said before, I am a travel snob: I like airport lounges instead of waiting areas, upgrades to biz or first, a well made cocktail and a outlet on the plane for my laptop–give me 3 out of 4 and I’m a happy girl. It’s well deserved, I work hard and use my frequent flyer miles wisely, so after a long flight, who wants to go to a crappy hotel?

So naturally during a recent biz trip, when my car pulled up to the front door of the pre-selected Maison 140 hotel, I was skeptical. The exterior is pretty unassuming and the location is sorta in the cut, without the grand landscaping that the Hilton’s and Marriott’s of the world tend to contain. The bright-red painted door should have been a sign to never judge a book by its cover.
Once inside, I felt like I was in an old Hollywood film, as the obviously Chinoiserie-influenced receiving area and lounge is small and dark, yet very sexy and warm. Being greeted with a smile at 1:30 am is always good, right? Ok, onto my room (because that what it’s all about), it was hot…as in hot orange. Apparently, my room was a Parisian room and the perfect size for a single girl with more shoes than clothes, which is not normal for most boutique hotels. Normally an intense color would leave most running, but balanced by white shabby-chic-esque furniture pieces and bedding, you actually can settle in quickly. Btw, beware of the bed, it will suck you in.
^ my room

Good (but not great) room service, a pretty good wifi connection and Molton Brown hair products in the bathroom go along way as well. With only 43 rooms, the intimacy factor of the hotel is really high, it feels hidden and exclusive. The next day, I ventured to the newly opened Sofitel for drinks with a client…with its huge driveway and endless lobby and “see and be seen” feel, the return to Maison 140 was a welcome treat. You know what they say about size right? In this case it’s true – it’s all about how you work it, and needless to say, I will be going back soon.


Maison 120 Beverly Hills

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