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Passionate people amaze me and Jane Carter is one of those folks. I mean, I love leave-in conditioner as much as the next girl with a head full of hair, but Jane’s and her Jane Carter Solution, with products are devoted entirely to all-natural ingredients, takes it to a whole new level.

Jane, a stylist by trade, started to make products after she developed an allergic reaction to the products she was using in her salon. On top of that, she longed for a product line that could be used on a clientele that was as diverse as her own family: Jane has two bi-racial daughters and three sons that she adopted from foster care (check out her family after the jump). Wow!

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Recently, I got the chance to ask Jane a few questions that I’ve been itching (well, my scalp has) to ask her for a while.

Parlour: To grease or NOT to grease? That is the question.
Jane: It is bad to use any product containing petrochemicals aka grease. Instead, use something that has a more natural delivery system like shea, or mango butter, which are more easily absorbed by your scalp. Synthetic ingredients (like grease) tend to lay on the surface and clog your pores and don’t contain ingredients that improve the integrity of your hair and skin.

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What other kinds of ingredients should I avoid putting in my hair?
No alcohol, it’s too drying. We already said no petro chemicals (grease) because they clog your pores. And no parabens, they can cause chemical sensitivities, i.e. allergic reactions.

Why are the ends of my hair so dry?
The ends are dry because they have been hanging out on your head for a really long time! [LAUGHS]
Really funny.
Just kidding. Lots of end damage occurs when your brushing the tangles out of your hair after you shampoo. Instead, brush out your hair in the shower with conditioner in it, then rinse and use a leave-in conditioner before styling.

What bugs you most about the current state of the haircare industry?
I hate that products are segregated based on specific hair types or populations. I also realize that many of the people that formulate products don’t have a very good understanding of what the end user really wants. To me, this is not rocket science. Give the people what they want! I, and many of the people I know, don’t want greasy hair so petrochemicals are too heavy to use when formulating hair products for shine. Unfortunately, many of today’s product chemists are men working in a lab and they have not spent very much time in a salon or combing out their screaming daughters’ hair in the bathroom every Sunday night. If that was the case, they would make products based on healthy ingredients and be more concerned with performance, not cost.

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