Does Your Bra Really Fit?

So I’ve got pretty great breasts with one problem- my bra sucks. Now I thought my biggest beef was that my girls didn’t sit up high enough in a v-neck tee, however according to the BBC, I’m really asking for a breast operation in a few years. Yikes.

By rocking an ill-fitting bra, I’m essentially signing up for back, neck and shoulder problems because I’m not receiving the right support. And that got me to thinking…why’s it so hard to find a good bra anyway?

According to Professor Kefah Mokbel, a breast surgeon at London’s St George’s Hospital, we chicks usually tend to:

“…underestimate the size of their back by up to four inches, and overestimate their cup size by up to three sizes. Many breast symptoms related to discomfort in the neck and back are caused by ill-fitting bras.”

Across the pond, the London Royal hospital took this issue so seriously that the health center set up a bra-fit clinic, where women drop by and have an expert illuminate their actual bra size. (Funny how the boobs are ours, but we need a total stranger to tell us how big they are. Classic.)

For women with a larger cup size, breast reduction is the most common procedure to curb upper-body pain. In the UK alone, over 10,000 women have had the procedure done. I can only imagine the numbers in places like America, Europe and the Carribean, considering I just learned that the Dominican Republic is a well-known secret spot for moderately priced plastic surgery. Who knew? (hmmm, im going in a few weeks…don’t be mad if my tummy is flat, k? -jbaker)

Long story short: Go to a real bra store and find the oldest, most motherly-looking woman in the establishment. Ask her to measure your girls and find you a sturdy, pretty and prop-‘em-up bra that won’t relegate you to surgery in 10 years.


Disclaimer: We all know that Victoria’s Secret here in the US isn’t the best for supportive bras but damn if they aren’t the most convenient. Seriously, their number of locations rival Starbucks! Just had to share that…

props to the BBC

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