Guts & Glory: Santogold + Gnarls Barkely Perform in NYC


I hit NYC’s Highline Ballroom last night for the Santogold + Gnarls Barkely show and officially let loose the hipster down deep inside. Well, maybe it’s not so deep down, I mean, I did rock an American Apparel hoodie to the show…


Anyway, dressed in an MCM hat, door knockers, white tee and purple tie-dye pants, Santogold played an almost eight song set including her jams “Creator,” L.E.S. Artist,” and “Shove It.” Marked as 2008’s hipster artist darling, the singer’s already had a FADER magazine cover, was featured on Grammy award winner Mark Ronson’s recent album, “Version” and wrote Res’ entire album before quitting her A&R gig, joining the band Stiffed and then making her own solo stuff. Wait, remember Res?
My take? Watching “Creator” live gave me a whole new appreciation for the song, which initally fell behind “Lights Out” in my Santo favorites list. She’s amazing live and I almost had to cut the chic behind me for trying to rub my nether regions in an effort to get closer to Santo. Smh…


Then it was Gnarls Barkley’s turn and they rocked it. I’ve been a Cee-Lo stan since “Git Up, Git Out” on Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzick, so I loved his performance with Danger Mouse playing the quiet sidekick. That man, said nann to the audience the entire night. Not offended, just think it’s funny.


Dressed in 70’s prom garb, along with their entire band, the guys ran through about 16 songs, including “Smiley Faces” and obviously, “Crazy.” Can I just say that “Smiley Faces” is that joint when you’re having a rough moment, day, week or season? I had to play that jawn on repeat for like 3 hours one day ’til my roomie screamed at me to stop. It be’s like that sometimes.

Cee-Lo pleased the crowd with jokes about his hair, saying: “This is my first show with you guys with my real hair since the new album,” said Cee-Lo, while smoothing his toupe. “Any fans of Gnarls Barkley in here, say “fuck yeah!” We’re gonna do some new shit, don’t be surprised if its good.”

For the stans that didn’t like the 70’s prom garb…Cee-Lo came back for an encore in a black tank top. You know you love his gut, stop playing.



ps. fun fact- rumor says Santo wrote Res’ “Golden Boy” after dating Mos Def. Like I learned years ago, it’s them righteous MC’s you gotta watch out for.

I love that Santo has the blackgurl hipster version of the S1W’s! Sign us up! – jbaker

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