Happy Mother’s Day!

Anya Hindmach has a cute bag, that’s a viable option for MD, at $145

Window shopping this week, I peaked into a furniture store window on NYC’s Broadway and there it was…my reminder for this year’s Mother’s Day. In the US, it’s May 11. while in the UK, it was March 2. Hopefully, our Parlour ladies in the UK didn’t forget “mothering day” but if you did, and missed your furniture store window reminder, here are a few cute ideas.

Moms like tea and I keep hearing all this drama about sugar being bad for you, so let’s get mommy back to the basics with these beehive honey choices, at $38.

The Prada Rosete Tote is also a great option, because I don’t know about you, but my mother loves to wear a bag into the ground. Plus, the roses are just so cute, at $1150.

And for the late birds, flowers always do the trick. You can send them out a few days before and they’ll appear at your mommy’s door, even if you’re not there. Vera Wang has a nice Black Beauty Calla Lilly bouquet, at $55.

What are you getting your mother?

Steely D

And here’s a list Mothers Day dates around the world. Don’t forget!

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