Hi-Defintion Makeup

ann curryWhen I’m at home and bored, I love switching between the hi-definition and the regular channels on my television. It’s the little things! One evening, I was watching a National Geographic show in hi-def. Waterfalls were cascading, birds were chirping…and I couldn’t get over how crystal-clear everything looked. Then, the show’s host appeared on the screen – a pretty blonde lady in a safari outfit. I checked out her makeup (‘cause that’s what I do), and I could actually see the layers of foundation caked on this chick’s face.

Her blush is crepe-y and her eyeshadow is creasing in the corners of her eyes. My first thought: “National Geographic, you couldn’t find a better set makeup artist?!” Then, I remembered I was watching a high definition channel. The same show was on a regular channel, so I flipped over and saw that there the woman’s makeup looked perfect.

Fast forward to last week. I’m strolling through Sephora when my eyes catch a sign that says: Cargo introduces Blu-Ray, makeup for High Definition Filming. Come to find out, Cargo Cosmetics recently launched a whole line of products including Blush/Highlighter, Pressed Powder, and Lip Gloss (pictured), that gives flawless results while maintaining a perfectly natural look (read: this stuff looks GOOD on camera). Sorry your makeup artist missed the ball on that one, National Geographic safari lady.

Best part? You don’t have to be a TV anchor to enjoy the benefits of this makeup. According to the folks at Cargo, hi-def technology is as close to real-life as television has ever been. Cool. Thus, anyone can wear this stuff on any day for a fabulous face.

P.S. Make Up Forever will be launching their line, HD, this summer. Stay tuned!


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