HOMEGIRL: Happy Belated Earth Day

This morning, as I packed my belongings to move out of Dirty Jersey, I noticed a disclaimer on one of my boxes, “Go Green and Preserve the Environment”. This particular moving company suggested that I use the box at least four times before recycling. My first thought was, “Where would I store these?” But then I remembered that I’ve purchased so many moving boxes during my many relocations that I need to reuse them and stop wasting money.
Meanwhile, across popular culture, everyone’s going green. Folks are talking about conserving our resources everywhere, from TV, radio, online and even freeway billboards. But what are we actually doing? Have you begun or continued to recycle? Did you replace your regular light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs? If not, it’s not too late to save the planet, our lives as well as our children’s.

Here are five ways to get started:
1) Use a water-filter pitcher

Bottled water isn’t necessarily cleaner or better for you than tap water. Get a Brita water-filter pitcher or an in-sink faucet filter.

2) Turn off the tap

The average faucet releases about three gallons of water a minute, so shut it off while you brush your teeth, shave or brush down your baby hairs. Lol!

3) Install a better showerhead

Install a high-efficiency showerhead and in one year’s time, you can save between 1,000 and 8,000 gallons of water. Crazy, right?

4) Reverse your ceiling fan

Most people don’t use ceiling fans in the winter, but if you run the fan in reverse at a low speed the hot air that rises can then circulate.

5) Use VOC free paint

You know that new paint smell? Well, it’s actually not good for you. Try to paint walls with paint that is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It’s a harmful chemical found in many paints and stains. Try www.bioshieldpaint.com for safe options.
Remember ladies, it’s never too late to do your part.


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