HOMEGIRL: Let There Be Light

You need lighting. No, not just table lamps or floor lamps-LIGHTING (We must use the grown up term)! But your lighting has to not only be purposeful, it must represent your personality- remember your castle is a representation of you. There are a few rules when considering lighting:

What is its purpose? For the kitchen, reading, etc?

Do you want more than one lamp, pendant or floor lamp for a particular location?

What size?

Is it proportionate to the table or place where it will be located

Are you looking for form or function?

Let’s think about your space a bit more. Where this lighting will be? If this is for the living room, you may be cool with lamps on either sides of the sofa. But if you live in a size-challenged NYC-type apartment you may not have space for two lamps. Do you do any reading in the living room? If so, you may want a light colored lamp shade.

I have two lamps in my living room and they happen to have a black base and a black shade. I know it sounds dark but, believe it or not, they actually give off quite a bit of light and reading is not difficult. Oh, and please believe, my lamps are fly. There are certain areas where I don’t mind form. With the closet and hall way lights, I’m not too concerned with sexiness, but that pendant light over the sink must be FABULOUS.

Also, when purchasing your new lighting, make sure that your sofa table lamp is not too small for your sofa table and your nightstand lamp isn’t too big for your nightstand. Measure your intended spaces before you hit the store and get ready to get grown. Throw away that lamp your mama bought you in college and get some adult lighting!

Note: Your light bulb wattage is just as important as your lighting fixture choice. Soft light? Clear light? All things to consider. Also, purchase energy saver light bulbs whenever possible, they last a long time and save you money.


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