HOMEGIRL: Spring Cleaning


Yes, it’s still cold in some areas of the world but it is officially spring! It’s the time of year that most of us anticipate. We strip off the layers, put the boots up and pull out those fierce spring dresses and fly sandals. But just as you are in need dusting off, (pedicures, we see you) so does your home.

Springtime is about renewal as well as regeneration and spring cleaning is part of that process. But this article is not about cleaning, you know how to scrub your toilet and dust your TV (I hope…). This piece is about overall home redecoration for a new season.

When cold weather hits, we pull out our winter wears; the heavy comforter, the warm curtains and the rich colors of fall and winter. Well, it’s time to put those things away and here’s where to start:

-Choose concepts that you like.

Decide what color palette you like for the spring season. Look through the spring designs in all of those catalogs you’ve been getting in the mail. Then, GO SHOPPING!

-Take on one room at a time.

Focus is important. It’s easy to go from the bedroom to the living room, moving things around, but instead of progress, you just have a mess in both rooms.

-Allocate a timeframe in which to get things done. For example, on Sunday, after I give praise to the Most High, I will devote two hours to putting up my winter clothes and pulling out my spring things.

-Set ground rules. If you haven’t used a set of sheets in over a year, I’m getting rid of them. This should be a time for making room for all the NEW things you are going to buy this year. ***Note: Make an effort to give your old things to those less fortunate. Not only can you donate clothing and shoes, but there are organizations who take clean sheets, comforters, towels, etc. (plus, it’s a tax write off ;0)- dsteel)

-Clean as you go. Pulling out that lightweight comforter? Wash the winter one before you put it away. And bring that Swiffer out too. You will be able to see those dust bunnies flying around from all the commotion.

-Stay motivated. Turn on the stereo. A little Old Soul and REAL Hip Hop will help the time pass quickly.

Spring Cleaning is about more than washing the windows or dusting your ceiling fans. It’s about giving your living space a new attitude, one that compliments your own new vision. You’re getting ready for the best season of the year and you owe it to yourself to present a home in which you can take pride. Send us pictures!

-zoe james

They call me Zoe James. I have always been obsessed with my living quarters. As a five year old, I demanded that my parents paint my room purple. It was the perfect backdrop for my Michael Jackson poster. My room was always clean, I’m a bit of a neat freak. My mother NEVER had to tell me to clean my room. I had to tell her to clean hers, it was bad for my image.

Since then, I have evolved from an all black bedroom as a teenager, to the African mud cloth thrown over the sofa in college, to the red accent wall in my Atlanta loft, to the yellow sofa in Brooklyn and now to the Kelly Green bedroom walls. Your shelter is a reflection of you, it speaks when you don’t. Making things pretty isn’t my day job; it’s my hobby, my thing, my love. No certification here, just passion.

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