I Get It From My Granny…


Health and beauty are on two sides of the same coin. If you think I’m a lie, take a peek at these photos of Aretha “Queen of Soul” Franklin (66-years-old) and Tina “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” Turner (69-years-old) taken this year. Granted, we don’t know how much surgery either of these award-wining songstresses has had (if any), but their images ARE shockingly different. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather look like one of these women – er, her name starts with a ‘T’ – than the other when I’m pushing 70.
This made me ask my own grandmother, who is OVER 70 and gorgeous to boot, to give us pretty-young-things, (like us…*smile*) who only want to get better with age, some tips. Here’s what she says: spacer1.jpg

Eat a fiber-y cereal in the mornings. It may not taste as yummy as Cocoa Puffs, but fiber helps you feel full faster and longer. Hello, flat tummy!

Exercise that butt off. The point is to get the blood flowing through the body, bringing oxygen to the skin to keep it looking flushed and fresh.

Eat some protein at lunch. Chicken salad…yogurt…boiled eggs…stuff like that. Protein helps with muscle definition. We have a hunch that Angela Bassett and Demi Moore both eat a lot of it – have you seen their guns recently!

Party hearty (of course!) but get at least seven hours of sleep. While your getting your ZZZ’s, your immune system and skin cells recharge (another reason to wash your face before bed!). Try getting the right amount of sleep for two weeks straight and see how FEW zits you get.



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