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^^^ (l to r) Cheryl Wong & Denise “Neicey” Payne

For many of us 25 and older, Saturday mornings when we were young meant three things: endless bowls of cereal, cleaning the house to your parent’s favorite records, and Soul Train. The premiere go-to urban music television show, Soul Train was our TRL or Top of the Pops. Back then, we only knew some of our Soul Train dancers by name: Jody (as in Jody Watley), Pat Davis, Shabba Doo, Jeff Daniel etc., but our favorite was Asian-American Cheryl Wong, better known “that Asian girl from Soul Train with the long hair”.

While others on the show were known for just a short dress, a bootyshake and wavy weave, Cheryl gave us sultry pouts, bedroom gazes and the fiercest of hair twirls that catapulted her to top rank on the show. Rick James certainly noticed, leading to Cheryl appearing in the “SuperFreak” video (working that lightpole, see below), and arguably, the inspiration for Snoop’s recent “Sensual Seduction” clip.

Over the years, on a lazy Saturday morning, we catch a rerun of Soul Train and wonder about Cheryl. Is her hair still crazy long? Does she still have that “look?” Is she still wearing blue eyeliner? Seeing how things work in this world, she probably is a homemaker in Orange County, living lavish and has long since put down her dancing shoes. Cheryl, if you are out there, hit us up – the summer is coming and we would love to learn some moves from you.

With Love,

The Parlour Maids

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