Jay-Z + Beyonce = The New Kennedy’s with a Splash of Jail House Rock

jayzbeyoncewedding.jpgWe’ve been watching Jayonce since yesterday, between our real jobs of course, so we couldn’t really get into the fray like we would’ve liked. Fortunately, MissInfo, TMZ and People did all that work for us. (fyi, TMZ= stalkers…they had a live stream outside of Jay’s New York Apartment. Wow.)
Now let’s be honest, if these guys got married that means they have officially become our generation’s John and Jackie Kennedy. Not that the press doesn’t already stalk their every move, but marriage takes it to another level. How, you ask?

Now, their relationship is official unlike their incessant denials of their courtship for what now seems like the last decade (I heard Bey was feeling Jay since those “No, No, No” Destiny’s Child days). And don’t let them have some kids, then it’s ON! Damn, JLo and Marc or Brad and Angelina. Jayonce’s kids would be on the cover of every major celeb mag from NYC to Bangladesh. My only hope?

Like Kelis and Nas, just say no to reality TV shows. Those joints break up marriages faster than Superhead, (erm, who according to her first book, has already had Bey’s man. Ring the alarm?)

ps. I love that they’ve already got jailhouse rock tattoos. Oh Bey, you’re so BK/ Pepa + Treach…LOL. Go to MissInfo or Concrete Loop for more–dsteel’s laptop, Betty, is actin’ up…

[edit: Mary J. Blige said the union is true at she and Jay-Z’s most recent “Heart of the City” tour. Yeah!!! [PH] 

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