Lip Service


I love it when celebs put their notoriety to good use. And when it has something to do with beauty? Well, that’s just icing on the cake!

I recently popped by The Body Shop at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal to see spokeswoman Estelle Swaray (her hit “American Boy” featuring Kanye West is #1 over in the UK, and she’s definitely Parlour Fam) launch the Move Your Lips campaign in conjunction with MTV. In her too-cool-for-school Brit accent, she explained how the global effort plans to raise awareness about the spread of HIV.

The gist: $5 from each Body Shop limited edition (yummy tasting) Guarana Lip Butter ($8) goes to the Staying Alive Foundation, that provides funds for prevention awareness.

Did you know 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS and half of all new infections hit guys and girls under 25? It was news to me.

“If we can convince young people to stop playing Russian roulette with their sexual health, we can stem the rise in HIV and AIDS infections,” said Ms. Estelle. Did I mention she’s a smarty, too?



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