Morning Coffee 4.22.08

The Pope is killing you with his wardrobe, you can’t deny it! Even his favorite shoes are rumored to be Prada. Papal Chic! {Time}

American Idol is more scripted than actual reality. Is this news? No. We figured that out when Sanjaya made it as far as he did. {NYT}

McCain acknowledges that he has a problem resonating with Black voters in the US, so he started a tour in the south, because as you know–all black people are from the south. Can’t knock his hustle. {NYT}

My dog is going to kill me if he sleeps in my bed. Sorry Monkey!!! Not that I’m going to miss waking up to your ass in my face or anything…{Telegraph}

Leave it to Jimmy to find a real way to broker peace in the Middle East. Let’s see what happens? {IHT}

It’s official. Alexis and Kanye are over. No Jayonce part deux…sniff, sniff. Don’t front like you didn’t care! {People}

Apparently in India, conservation means the most twisted case of imminent domain abuse ever ie. “How about all of you leave, k?” {Guernica}


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