Morning Coffee 4.10.08


Hillary Clinton says Obama’s all talk an regarding ending the Iraq war while McCain wants to keep it going. [reuters]

Bey showed off her engagement ring at the Atlanta leg of the Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige “Heart of the City” tour. It’s the rock…literally. [Bossip]

What’s your opinion on the world’s 50 most stylish men…I’m torn between Malcom X (Detroit Red coulda got it! Have you seen X’s early pictures?) and David Bowie (REBEL REBEL!!! is it too early for that? ya’ll know I usually do AT, lol) [GQ]

If you get a call back after your mammogram, don’t stress. [NYT]

The San Francisco Olympic Torch protest…from four perspectives. [SFG]

Ok, but this isn’t democracy. (former?) Prez Mugabe goons say “Vote Mugabe or Die” in Zimbabwe. [Guardian]

Do you want to listen to Perez Hilton on the radio? You can…[reuters]

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