Morning Coffee: 4.1.08

The 80’s teen sensation and (Caucasian) answer to New Edition, New Kids On The Block, are set to reunite this week on the Today Show. Don’t act like you didn’t know the words to “Please Don’t Go Girl.” [People]

Oooh Casanova! RIP to Sean Levert, brother to the late Gerald Levert and most known as a member of popular 80’s R&B trio, Levert. He died in yesterday (in jail?). [CNN]

Britain wants to open it’s doors even wider to immigrants! April Fools. [Telegraph]

Here in New York, the subway is king. But even in the face of congestion pricing, ie. tolls to get into NYC, some folks still are determined to drive. Folks like me. [NYTimes]

Last night, Washington, D.C. opened its doors to a new stadium and baseball team, the Washington Nationals. Too bad that door wasn’t really open to President Bush, he was booed. [WaPo]

In the U.K., a landmark survey shows homophobia is at an all-time high. Maybe all they need is a lil’ bit of Will & Grace and Noah’s Arc in their lives. Btw, we miss you Noah! [Guardian]

Chelsea Clinton is not even going there when it comes to Monica Lewinsky. [CNN]

Jay-Z for Fend? Hm? Doesn’t he have his own clothing line? Can’t knock the hustle. [Woohah]

With over 45,000 people infected, Brasil has employed the national army to combat it’s Dengue fever outbreak, while politicians decide what they want to do about the situation. [IHT]

Silver-haired Lauren Zalanick, wants you to watch Bravo. Babies, they don’t call it programming for nothing. [NYTimes]

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