Morning Coffee 4.11.08

Sigh. It’s Friday and we made it. Today’s coffee is a bit like my mind right now–all over the place. Let’s grab some coffee and get this day OVER WITH! – JBakes

^^^ Meet IMG’s Monika Jagaciak, who is being touted as the next big face in fashion, already having a Calvin Klein and Hermes campaign under her belt. Not bad for only being 14 YEARS OLD. Sigh. Should an adolescent be selling me a four-figure gown? Australia doesn’t think so. {TheAge}

Cachaça [Ka-Cha-Sa], a Brasilian vodka-like liquor made from sugarcane is finally creeping into more American bars. Bring on the passionfruit caipirinhas for summer! Beware, this stuff will do things to you, like making you run into the ocean naked. TMI? Sorry, ’03 was a good year.{NYT}

Have you seen the new obvious knock-offs of the Nike De La Soul SB’s? Imagine if Nickelodeon’s Double Dare decided to make a shoe. {SatchelofGravel}

The US is finally beginning to work to get more Cuban immigrants in the country legally by speeding up the visa process. Can any of you guys bring me some of those cookies they serve at Copelia? I didn’t smuggle enough on my last trip. {BBC}

Comme de Garçons is coming to H&M. Hopefully it is better than Madonna’s and Cavalli’s collections. {Telegraph}

CNN editor Glen Beck thinks that America needs and 12-step intervention–from itself. By comparing America to an alcoholic, we wonder – what is our “drink”? We did invent a cocktail called a “Buttery Nipple” so that should say a lot. Not to mention the grand idea to mix Hennessey with Hypnotiq and call it an “Incredible Hulk”. That is an incredible hangover. {CNN}

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