Morning Coffee 4.14.08

This picture of Thandie Newton torching a Barbie doll, is a part of a series of celebrity images taken in protest of the war in Darfur. For many of us, this image means much more for a variety of reasons. {Guardian}

So it seems that straight suburban housewives around the country out pulling their “i’d go gay for…” cards out for Bravo TV’s Workout star, Jackie Warner. I’d rather deal with a man’s crazy baby-momma than her ex-girlfriend from season one, so I’m crossing her off of my WILF list. That, and I don’t think she will appreciate my addiction to UTZ’s Crab Chips. {NYT}

Obama should have known not to upset the midwest (white) small-towner set, even if what he said was 100% true, yet poorly worded. And of course Hillary is harping all over him now, calling him “elitist”–I guess that’s better than lying about your time in office, huh Hills? {IHT}

Jayonce ventured out to a Houston Rocket’s game, bearing that post-marital glow. While other are focused on seeing the ring…can we take a moment for Beyonce’s new hair? We likes. Also, 26 year-old Crystle Stewart was crowned Miss USA, and seeing pictures of her in a swimsuit has inspired me to put down those Crab Chips. {YBF}

If you are in Oakland, in addition to Jehovah’s Witnesses and kids selling candy, don’t be surprised if you get a knock on your door from the police…they need to search your house for guns–thanks. Just be nice and don’t make any sudden moves, because they WILL shoot you. {InsideBayArea}

In Zimbabwe, they are now holding a partial recount. Is it me, or are you too starting to get flashbacks of the 2000 US election, chads, and Florida? Argh. {WashPo}

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