Morning Coffee 4.15.08

What?! Business owners are trying to smash on Taco trucks in LA! Do they not know the joy of eating a chicken taco on the side of the road at 3am post-a really long happy-hour? {LAT}

I’m skeptical, seeing that this story broke on MediaTakeout, but it just won’t go away. Apparently, the premiere of Turks and Caicos (TCI), Michael Misick is currently being investigated for rape, possibly accused by a unnamed celebrity friend of his wife, Lisa Raye. I’m scared because the last time I saw Lisa, she was chilling with Star Jones. {SandraRose}

Philly, “The Colbert Report”, The Roots and The Election? For some reason I predict a music video coming out of this situation. {CNN}

Giving head is infecting both men and women with oral cancer?? Nooooooo! {ChicagoTribune}

The French luxury brand, Cartier, is aggresively moving into the Middle East retail market. Don’t let the hijab fool you, most of it is couture modesty. Seriously. {EBiz24}

In Miami, girlfriends and wives were falling in LOOOOVE with Colombian crooner Juanes, who from the looks of this video, should never wear green t-shirts again. {MiamiHerald}

Northwest and Delta Airlines are set to merge, creating the world’s biggest airline. Three words for this: Frequent Flyer Miles. {IHT}


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