Morning Coffee 4.16.08

American designer and honorary ParlourMaid, Marc Jacobs, and French actress Elodie Bouchez are all over each other in a spread by NYTimes mag, T:Style. Some claim overexposure for Marc, we say “bring it on” and send us some canvas bags. We are still diggin the blue hair, btw. {NYMag}

The nerd in me just had to post this. Are you a mac lover like me? If so, check out Geeksugar’s tips for not resorting to throwing your Mighty Mouse out the window, as I almost did while writing this post. This mouse is the bomb for internet addicts, but a bitch to deal with! {GeekSugar}

For some reason, I am not surprised that WalMart is America’s largest seller of guns. Lucky for us non-weapon carriers, they are cracking down on their retail practices. Ok, so do you just put the rifle in the cart with your kids new PlayDoh set? How does that work exactly? {Guardian}

Gisele? A lead actress? It is an Austin Powers joint, so you can’t be that mad, case in point, Beyonce Foxy Cleopatra. {Lossip}

I kind of feel this guy. Why have a real woman, with all of her drama, when you can just have a doll, name her “Candy” and get it anytime you want? She can also model all of your limited-edition sneakers! {SatchelofGravel}

The Pope is here. I am in New York right now, where as a result, the traffic will suck and I will avoid midtown at all costs. {Reuters}

In the market to buy a home? Take it from us– DO NOT get a WaMu home loan, at least right now anyway. {MarketWatch}

Former American President Jimmy Carter is in the middle east, apparently pissing off Israel in the process. Doesn’t an argument always have two sides? Go Jimmy for being open to hearing them both! {IHT}


(you’re right, I do love marc, no matter how straight he’s pretending to be in that shoot above, lol- steely d)

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