Morning Coffee 4.18.08

Eartha Kitt talks about life and love: “All of the merde that has been thrown on me over the years I use as fertiliser. It gives me strength. Maybe I’ll cry because I’ve been insulted or hurt, but I have to laugh because – nyah-nyah-nyah – I’m still here!” She laughs again, and throws her head back. “It’s all too much fun.” Amen! She still has me walking around saying “Maaaaaaarccuuuuuusss” LOL! {Telegraph}

In a heartwarming corporate move, AT&T is donating $100 million aimed at keeping kids in school until graduation. Then they will go to college and get cellphones and a credit card and go into debt. {NYT}

Focusing on the race, Obama has made it clear that has no time for anymore games…with Hillary. Can we just get this over with please? {CNN}

Andre Benjamin, aka Andre 3000’s new movie Battle in Seattle is almost here. The movie is based on the 1999 Seattle WTO protests, that turned violent between police and protesters. Michelle, you need to back up off of him. Thanks. {Wooohah}

Who in Hollywood HASN’T had any work done? You’d be surprised, they look better than the ones who have! {ChicagoTribune}

This is why you should a) only drink with people you trust and b) try not to get wasted in the process. Yuri Lyalin of Russia spent the night throwing some back with his buddy, who stabbed in the back. Literally. {BBC}

During his visit to the US, Pope Benedict XVI met with victims of clergy sexual abuse, offering encouraging words of support. Anything is better than just writing checks. {CNN}


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