Morning Coffee: 4.2.08

Björk’s video for her new single, Wanderlust, has made it’s way to the web–and this is only the 2-D cut. A 3-D version will be released in April. After watching I want to rent The Dark Crystal. Check out the making of her video. [NYTimes]

Ever wonder exactly how much moolah Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda made off of Sex and The City? And they kept some of the clothes too! We’re jealous. [Portfolio]

Looks like Letterman and Republican candidate, John McCain, played a mean game of the dozens last night. [TheCaucus/NYTimes]

Wait. The United States had an image problem? No Way! [Reuters]

MTV’s ‘My Super Sweet 16’ is a very guilty pleasure of ours (erm, only you bakes, only you-dsteel) …too bad this dad used the money he swindled from senior citizens to pay for his daughters big bash. [VH1]

In an effort to treat ailing an Colombian hostage, Ingrid Betancourt, who’s of both French and Columbian citizenship, French President Nicolas Sarkozy will send a medical mission to the South American country. Ingrid has been held for six years in the Colombian jungle by Farc rebels. [BBC]

From the looks of it, the party of the year just may be at the Republican convention…they are passing a new liquor law and everything! [AOLNews]

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